Daily Driver Owned by euroaccord

  • my new project also my daily
    bought the car pretty much already modified except for the wheels,
    leaks like a sieve in the driver foot well and rear lights
    and its on cut springs not the best ride or in the best condition but theres a lot planned for it

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    two tone rattle can paint
    compomotive 5 spoke 13x7j 4x100 et-7
    spider man door cards
    genuine omp steering wheel
    cut springs on the front
    coilover sleeves on the rear

    Service History & Related Threads

    no previous history
  1. I will probably sound ignorant as hell, but this Accord with this paint scheme reminds me of an R31 Skyline! The car really looks like an 80's Nissan!
    Clean, though, I think I'd never seen this gen before
  2. Is this a honda accord some1 at work has a similar car on a j reg it's a 2.0litre auto looks really really clean and standard but yours looks awesome keep up the good work
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