Garaged Owned by DavidTF

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    K24 Engine (Type-R Head)
    Blanked Off Rocker Cover
    Peterson Vacuum Regulator
    Stage 1 Cams
    Supertech Valve Springs, Guides & Retainers
    4-1 Race Exhaust Manifold with Slip Joints
    3" Full Stainless Exhaust with V-Bands
    Hasport Mounts
    Quaife 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox with Flat Shift
    Motec M130 ECU with GPR Package and Level 2 Logging
    Motec C125 Colour Dash Display( Race Display Kit) with GPS
    Rywire Mil Spec Engine Loom
    Fast Response Air Temp. Sensor
    Motec MAP Sensor
    Motec Lambda Sensor
    Motec Lambda to CAN Interface
    Jackson Racing Supercharger
    Merc Racing Pulley System
    Merc Racing Aftercooler Kit
    Injector Dynamics 725cc Injectors
    Toyota Electric Power Steering
    Fast Response Air Temp. Sensor
    Motec MAP Sensor
    Motec Lambda Sensor
    Motec Lambda to CAN Interface
    Setrab Oil Cooler
    Pace Dry Sump System
    Tillett Fibreglass Seat
    T45 Custom Cages Clubman Cage
    AP Racing Brake Calipers
    Performance Friction 2-Piece Discs
    Performance Friction 01 Compound Pads
    Braided Brake & Clutch Lines
    Fuel Sample Point
    Larger Power Steering Cooler
    Whiteline Rear Anti-Roll Bar with Subframe Mount Kit
    ITR DC2 Front Anti-Roll Bar
    Skunk2 PRO Rear Camber Arms
    Skunk2 PRO Front Camber Arms
    Intrax 1K2 Competition Suspension - Corner Weighted
    PCI Bronze Suspension Arm Bushes
    PCI Spherical Trailing Arm Bushes
    KARCEPTS 36mm Front Hub Conversion to use EP3 Drive Shafts
    K&N Filter with Velocity Stack
    Lexan Windows
    Fibreglass Sunroof Bung
    Snap Off Steering Wheel
    Password JDM Carbon Headlight Intake
    Mishimoto X-Line Radiator with Slimline Fan

  1. Jeez that's some spec list and that dyno run holly molly :shock:

    Absolutely slaughtering everything out on track it seems, what an animal :mosh:

    Would love to see more of this :Thumbup:
  2. Wow that dyno run pull sounds mega. Nice
  3. That's a top spec K24 Supercharged Civic. Must be totally mental.

    I've done a K24 Frank in an EG and that was flippin quick, (at work so can't watch the video yet but) your's must be absolute bonkers :Smile:
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  4. @DavidTF more pics and info please mate...
    1. DavidTF Avatar
      More info added. Pics to follow mate
      DavidTF, Friday 17th Feb, 2017