Boosted CL7-R
Daily Driver Owned by JDMTME

  • Brought in May 2013 as I needed a more sensible family car as a daily driver. Always wanted a Euro R when I was younger and finally decided it's the right time. Just need some boost as my previous motor was an Evo 6 TME.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    TDI North turbo kit
    Hondata Kpro
    Customs 3" exhaust
    Mugen wing
    Buddy club alloys
    Ferrodo ds2500 all round

    Service History & Related Threads

    Serviced every 4k miles with:
    Millers oil
    Hemp filter

    Yearly service:
    Amsoil MTF
    Irddium plugs

    Ferodo ds2500

    Michelin PS3
    (Will go back to goodyear Eagles tho)

  1. Need to update Michael :nodding:
  2. Oh my!

    I think I might need to cool off a bit. There should be an explicit content warning on this thread! :dribble:

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  3. Very nice indeed
  4. Absolutely mint and boosted aswel I'm well gel :Smile:
  5. A beauty to look at and a turbo charged K20A! :Thumbup:
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  6. It's a Honda angel In white beautiful. How are the ferodo brake pads they seem a very popular choice.
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    1. JDMTME Avatar
      Their really good, don't get much brake fade either compared to standard. I'm about to change to a fresh set of ferodos all round. I've been on track and just spot on. Well worth the money.
      JDMTME, Saturday 20th Dec, 2014
  7. Super fast baby carrier LOL
    She's looking good buddy.
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