Blue stallion
Daily Driver Owned by DylanThomson_x

  • I'm 18 this is my daily driven ej9 built not bought!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Blue omp deep dish steering wheel
    • oem boss kit with custom horn button
    • black skunk 2 double bend short shifter
    • black skunk 2 extension bar
    • skunk 2 carbon gear knob
    • flocked dial surround with gauges
    • ripspeed 7 inch flip out tv
    • blue cobra bucket seats
    • UK spec green takata harnesses
    • stripped out rear
    • alpine 6x9s
    • infinity door speakers
    • 1600 watt vibe sub
    • led interior bulbs
    • custom Jdm mats
    • new rear light seals (common problem with water leaking into boot)

    • front De badge grill
    • mugen front splitter
    • gloss black sunstrip
    • various stickers
    • grey trs front tow strap
    • white rota grids
    • blue bloxx extended wheel nuts
    • yokohama parade spec 2 tyres
    • team heko wind deflectors
    • genuine ek9 spoiler carbon wrapped
    • ek9 Type-R spoiler tilt brackets
    • ek9 rep rear splitter
    • 13x7 jdm import plates
    • 40 mm red jdm password bonnet raisers
    • facelift front lights jdm'd

    • japspeed downpipe
    • jPerformance De cat pipe
    • Hoffman race tube centre pipe
    • 5 inch hks back box
    • Prosport coilovers
    • genuine blue skunk 2 lower control arms
    • white weapon r intake pipe
    • ripspeed carbon air filter
    • white and red d15 vtec rocker cov

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full service history
  1. Love it! You did a great job, I especially like the before and after pic.
  2. Love this and only 18, you are a lucky boy to own such a beauty :Smile:
  3. Awesome motor! Love it!
  4. That's a smashing looking EJ9.
    Please post up some interior and engine bay shots.
    1. DylanThomson_x Avatar
      Will get some tomorrow in the light, the engine bay isn't anything special mate
      DylanThomson_x, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      She's a Honda. That's special enough for me, but don't worry about it.
      Nels, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
  5. She looks a stunner. Fantastic spec list too :Thumbup:
    1. DylanThomson_x Avatar
      DylanThomson_x, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
  6. That's quite the spec list you've got going there @DylanThomson_x, any plans to shoot high on power?
    1. DylanThomson_x Avatar
      Planning on putting a k20 out a ep3 Type-R then get the bottom end of an accord then eventually a turbo, cheers for the interest
      DylanThomson_x, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
    2. Leo at H-Tune Avatar
      That sounds like a pretty audacious build right there, you could crack a safe 300hp+ without building up the block, building the engine, the sky's the limit :Smile:
      Leo at H-Tune, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
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