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  • Hello all,
    I'm a newbie to this forum.
    Just bought this FR-V from a garage for £2700 with 6months warranty and 12months AA roadside, 108,603miles on the clock, Honda service history and receipts up to 83035miles. Has got the extras added by the original one owner which is original Honda roof rails and roof bars, parking sensors. MOT recorded mileage from 2011 was 97551miles to 105749 miles in 2013, missing 2014 MOT and 2015 MOT was 108603.
    Exterior body condition is not the greatest but interior looks and feels as new, engine is smooth like new as well.

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    First mod was taking the original Honda roof bars off.
  1. Yes it does look really tidy mate
  2. Really nice car and very cheap you got a good deal
  3. Is it a diesel or petrol looks identical to my 2006 FR-V 2.2cdti
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Petrol, K20 engine.
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 5th Dec, 2015
  4. Thank - you all for the lovely comments
  5. Exterior body looks great to me. :Smile:

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  6. Welcome.

    Looks really nice especially with those alloys.
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  7. That's a very nice FR-V you've got there Po :Niceone:
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  8. Hello and welcome :Niceone:
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  9. Welcome to Honda Karma. That's a good find with extra options :Thumbup:
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  10. Welcome to HondaKarma :welcome:

    She looks really good - the body actually looks very tidy from the 'photos.

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