Daily Driver Owned by tomi14robie

  • I use this car like any other car I have owned but with the advantage of it being known to be a good tow car.
    The car is well knitted out with lots of toys,the rear view camera is brilliant for hooking up with my caravan,I can put the tow ball directly unde the tow ball ,anyone watching not knowing I have a rear view camera must think I am an ace driver,ha ha.
    Happily the car was fitted with a tow bar and electrics when I bought it,other than wind/rain window deflectors I think the car is standard,I've considered buying and installing side steps and some bits and pieces of "chrome" bling.
    I've only owned the car a couple of weeks and I like it ,in a couple of weeks I will be heading of to Scotland towing my caravan,if it tows as well as my Honda Accord 2.2 td (I no longer own this car I traded it in to purchase the CR-V)I will be happy.

    Service History & Related Threads

    purchased car 20/5/17
    2/6/17 I had a full service at my local garage(using Honda filters),the guy who did it owns a CR-V 2.2 d that has 190k on it and all is well,the only problem he has had is it required a diff flush when he first bought it! This garage has several CR-V owners who don't have any problems.