Daily Driver Owned by SEPTIKANGEL

  • Replacement for our silver VW Tiguan R-Line. A good car and easy to keep clean.
    The Black Edition CR-V really is a looker but will need lotsa TLC to keep clean!!:Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Detachable towbar, rubber mats and mudflaps. (dealer supplied and fitted)

    Service History & Related Threads

    30th September 2014 - Bought new
  1. Love these cars!
  2. What an absolute stunner - snap!! Though to be honest although I have same model I am "working toward" getting it looking like yours INCREDIBLE :jumpup: love too see more pics!
  3. looks like a beast, probably cost and arm and a leg
  4. OOOOWWW yeah now we talking. Stunning Car There:Thumbup:
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    1. Garrydhu Avatar
      Garrydhu, Thursday 10th Sep, 2015
  5. The "Black" edition is certainly an eye catcher! The front grille, rear spoiler, wheels and side steps really make it stand out.

    Lovely :clap:
  6. Marvelous CR-V. :clap:
  7. That is one nice CR-V. Wished Canada sold packages like that here, Black or White Edition
  8. Looks really stunning, great car now with great optics...
  9. Had good look at the Black Edition in my local dealership. Superb car. Enjoy her. :Wub:
  10. Absolutely stunning CR-V :Photographer:
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