Baby Truck
Daily Driver Owned by ClabbeB

  • Bought OEM in 2018 to use as the new baby truck.
    Executive model so everything as leather seats, heated seats, moon roof etc.
    All mods done in the name of safety for the little one

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    - 16x7" ET13 Margel steel rims
    - 225/70-16" Yokohama Geolander R015
    - 5mm spacers front

    - Celtic Tuning Stage 1 ECU flash 195hp/292lb/ft. (OEM 140hp/251lb/ft)
    - Pipercross filter
    - Wezmoto Braided brake hoses
    - Motul RBF660 Brake fluid

    - Tema 4x4 30mm lift spacers
    - SPC rear camber arms
    - Eibach front camber bolts
    - 3" Tuff-Bar side bars
    - Westin 2" Safari Bull bar
    - OEM JDM roof spoiler w brake light
    - OEM JDM Window visors
    - OEM Cargo guard
    - Blacked out headlights
    - Smoked tail lights
    - Shaved front grille
    - Hood deflector
    - Hood damper kit
    - Anker Towbar
    - Custom towbar step
    - Custom roofbasket
    - Custom switch panel
    - Accord 7th Generation steering wheel
    - Stebel Nautilus compressor horn (139dB)

    - Viklight H1 LED conversion full beam
    - BRT Led 22" 100w LED Bar w DRL
    - BRT Led 4x 7" 60w LED w DRL from BRT Led
    - Rear reflectors converted to LED brake lights
    - Rear fog lights rewired to running tail light
    - 2x 20w additional reverse lights
    - 4x 9w rock lights
  1. Open filter installed

  2. :morephotos:
    1. ClabbeB Avatar
      ClabbeB, Wednesday 13th Mar, 2019
  3. Baby Truck has had some nice mods :clap::Thumbup:

    Any plans for any more?
    1. ClabbeB Avatar
      Always space for more mods..
      Gonna rebuild the air intake and replace with open filter instead.
      Exhaust will also be upgraded
      ClabbeB, Wednesday 13th Mar, 2019
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