Aqua Civic
Previously Owned Owned by Beefy

  • Work in progress
  1. Great to see you've found what you were after. :Niceone:
    I shall watch your project log with great interest. :goodluck:
  2. Cheers @SpeedyGee i get the whole garage thing now. Newbie and all that
  3. Nice little project car @Beefy, she'll keep you busy for a while :Smile:

    Stick your main posts like one above in the Project Log itself mate.
  4. It's going to be long term I think. Just a bit at a time, ime getting the majority of it sorted out while it's off the road. That way I can save up for the Insurance and tax without skinting myself. Ime sure with the minimum of work I can make a profit anyhow. Obviously if I was to make it mint it will cost more than the re-sale value. Ide say I've got around £300 to play with and still sell with a profit if I went down that route
  5. Champion Beef, you will get that old girl fixed soon.
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  6. It'll make a nice car with a bit of time and money.

    Nice purchase.
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  7. Glad to see you finally found yourself a nice little car, what costs are you looking at to put her right, obviously you are lucky being a trained honda
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  8. So far I know the mainshaft gearbox bearings are shot. Knew this on buying the car. A few other items I plan to sort out I will list. This is only from a very brief check, I've not had the car up in the air yet.

    • Replace gearbox bearings
    • Fit new clutch
    • Fit cambelt and water pump
    • Adjust valve clearances
    • New coolant
    • Change all filters and oil
    • Replace a/c condenser and re-gas (a/c is inop)
    • Fix/replace drivers seat
    • Fit standard CD player
    • Give it a proper clean
    • Replace/repair rear door n/s and n/s/r arch
    • Paint less dent removal on o/s/f door
    • Both bumpers re-sprayed or replace
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