Daily Driver Owned by Chris Bowden

  1. That is just awesome, my all time favourite Honda these Aerodecks.
  2. That looks well smart !
  3. Chris just amazing we have to meet since you are in Yorkshire love to see your rides in person.
  4. Would have given it five stars but need more photos please Chris. Good to see it though.
  5. Nice one mate please do upload more pictures we are picture hungry over here.
  6. Good to see they are being looked after.
    That's the gen (but saloon) that got me hooked on Hondas.
  7. 26-27 years old and still going as a daily driver. That's impressive. :Thumbup:
    Do tell us more.
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    1. Chris Bowden Avatar
      Bought off ebay. my 4th 3rd generation Accord all of which I still own. Needed much rear wheel arch welding. Now completed to a profession standard. One 1987 aerodeck and one 1989 saloon in daily use.
      Still bit of work to do on both but running well and hope to keep for live.
      Chris Bowden, Saturday 29th Nov, 2014