Aerodeck Turbo
Weekend Toy Owned by dmrichards

  • I bought the car a couple of years ago after finding it on gumtree. The car was located in Norwich and I'm from Manchester, after talking to the owner he was happy to hold the car for me until I could come to view it over the weekend. I booked myself a train ticket and after 4 hours on the train I was there. He even picked me up from the station. He loved his Honda's and had two others in the house hold. The car was completely bone stock bar the radio. Everything worked and its got loads of history. The car drove back to Manchester effortlessly. Not long after I bought some miesterr coilovers and some 16x7 rota fighters with advan ad08r tyres. This transformed the way the car handled. Then the car stayed that way for a while bar fitting a mgzs rear anti roll bar. Because the aerodeck never came with a rear anti roll bar as standard, even though the hatchback did. The car was great after these changes but soon it lacked the power so I decided to turbo the car, I found myself another aerodeck that had been boosted and used this as my parts car, then sold off any other parts that I didn't need from it. The donor car had a lovely tubular manifold and full 3" exhaust amongst other nice parts that I decided to keep and use on my aerodeck. The car was taken off the road and the engine, suspension and fuel tank was removed. Everything was cleaned, under sealed/powdercoated and new bolts. The tank had to be removed to fit the upratded fuel pump. The suspension has pollybushes throughout, new uprated innovate engine mounts. Whilst the engine and box was out they was cleaned and painted, the gearbox was stripped and checked over before going back in. I bought a stage 4 competition clutch which is probably abit ott for the power its running but I've got it incase I ever want to up the power. That also goes for the injectors those are 750cc grams injectors. Along with those parts I treated the car to a skunk2 ultra black series inlet manifold with match 68mm throttle body. Once the car was all back together and running I booked the car in with Romain at racecal. The car made 333bhp at 10psi.

    Modifications & Optional Extras


    Stock b18c4
    Grams 750cc injectors
    Skunk2 ultra inlet manifold
    Skunk2 68mm throttle body
    Speed factory 4 bar map sensor
    Tubular manifold
    Gt30 turbo
    3" exhaust
    External wastegate
    Hondata s300 ECU
    Mac 3 port boost solenoid
    Innovate engine mounts
    AEM wideband guage
    AEM boost guage
    Uprated fuel pump
    magnecor ht leads
    Carbon fibre plug cover
    Mishimoto radiator
    Universal intercooler


    Stock s9b long ratio box with factory lsd
    Stock flywheel
    S2000 clutch master cylinder
    Braided clutch line
    Competition clutch kit stage 4

    Wheels, brakes & Suspension:

    16x7 rota fighters advan ado8r tyres
    Miesterr coilovers and coilover socks
    Pollybushed throughout
    Skunk2 front camber arms
    Hardrace rear camber arms
    Hardrace rear toe arms
    Braided brake lines
    Refurbished ep3 calipers with 300mm drill and grooved disks
    Refurbished rear stock calipers
    Powder coated sub frame and anti roll bar

    Interior and body:

    Dc2 black recaro front seats
    Bluetooth radio
    personal steering wheel
    Wideband and boost gauges
    Full vti-s body kit
    Stuke front splitter
    Custom projector headlights
    Wide mouth front bumper
    Climair wind deflectors