Acura Legend "December"
Garaged Owned by Captain Slow

  • My first car was and is this 1992 Acura Legend. It's the car that made me love cars. It's the car that got me mixed up in internet car forums. In the beginning I felt pressure to modify the car with performance bolt ons but a briefly fitted short ram intake made me realize that these performance parts only took away from what the car was. I became a keep-it-stock guy. But even so, I couldn't keep myself from modifying the car.

    In the mid twenty aughts the legend could still pass for a reasonably young car so I set out to make the car look as young as it could. I swapped in some late model parts, some OEM JDM components, and eventually began refurbishing the aging materials. A 160MPH cluster, a navigation console, leather, mats, paint. The car got fresh. But I've owned the car for ten years now and no reasonable person could mistake the legend for a young car in 2015. So now I just keep the car in good repair and enjoy it.

    In a way, it's amazing how little has changed in cars over the course of 23 years. The Legend's windows are electric, the climate control is automatic, the suspension is modern and comfortable, and the brakes are all discs. Look under the hood and you won't find the engine technology to be all that regressive, either. The coil packs are a bit on the large side, sure, and it's got two brake fluid reservoirs to service the then novel Honda ABS system, ok, and it has a single overhead cam due to the motor's lack of VTEC, but it's a digitally fuel injected motor. All the bits you'd expect are present and accounted for. I'm not delusional, of course, lots of incremental changes make a big difference overall. New cars are a lot more rigid with less steel, have many more airbags, have many more forward gears, have much more effective headlights, and produce a lot more power per liter. But airbags and headlights do not a classic make. It's something I can't put into words. Bravo if you've read this far; I'll conclude my rambling here, perhaps to continue another day.

    MLS Strut Bar
    JDM Navigation Console
    JDM Door Sills

    Gentex Auto Dimming Mirror/Compass
    Late Model 160MPH Cluster
    TL Trunk Tray

    Glasurit Full Body Respray

    NOS Leather Wrapped Shift Knob
    Late Model Twin Piston Front Calipers with Appropriate Brackets and Rotors

    3.5L Rebuilt Engine Retrofit

    This is my first drive of the year after 130 days of winter storage. The rebuilt motor only has around 1000 miles on it so I was keen to get a video with the new sound. Turn up the volume and enjoy the displacement :Smile:
  1. Just notice your ride, nice one. When i had my 1992 Coupe i was always checking out these Gen2 Legends, that your TYPE II setup is quite rare!
  2. Beautifully clean car. Well done.:GoodJob:
  3. Very nice and clean machine, I love that wooden console; looks different to mine. Also I`m curious about those JDM door sills?
    1. Captain Slow Avatar
      JDM door sills have a metal insert where as USDM door sills are fully plastic. The JDM coupe sills are a bit more exciting because they have "legend" stamped in the metal. A cool thing to have if you can get your hands on them.
      Captain Slow, Thursday 19th Feb, 2015
    2. graphcraft Avatar
      I think that I have seen it on some American owned cars and it is very nice looking detail.
      graphcraft, Friday 20th Feb, 2015
  4. Me likey
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  5. Another well kept car Captain Slow :Thumbup:
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