Accour Tourer Type-S by FairFaX
Daily Driver Owned by FairFaX

  • Accord Tourer Type-S from 2006, 2.4l after modifications show the power of 232hp / 248Nm. A shorter gearbox improves acceleration and LSD improves traction.
    I bought the Accord in 2015 as a family car and for a certain period of time I did not plan to modify it at all.
    At the beginning, I installed a few facilities, like closing the mirrors, a multimedia system, a reversing camera, then it went downhill and I began to modify the ambitious inside, damping the whole interior, as well as the engine. The engine has not been opened so far, it remains in excellent condition as it left the factory.
    Aim of the project: to remain as a daily slipper, to commute to work, to transport children to kindergarten, shopping or family vacations. The goal is not power peak, but its availability in a wide range of rpms.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • OEM ECU with a custom tune
    • Tuned by dr FoX from Ralfi Garage (232hp/248Nm)
    • Stock engine, never opened
    • Stock K24A3 Cylinder Head (CL9)
      • Honda Accord (CU2) K24Z3 intake cam
      • Honda Accord (CU2) K24Z3 50° VTC Gear
    • Stock K24A3 Engine Block (CL9)
      • OEM Cast Pistons
      • OEM Steel Connecting Rods
      • OEM Crankshaft
      • OEM Crank/Rod Bearings
    • Shell Helix 5w30
      • Honda Oil Filter
    • LPG installation Stag Qbox+, 62l tank
    • RSP ported Manifold (FN2)
    • J35 Throttle Body
    • Thermal Gasket Intake Manifold
    • Thermal Gasket Throttle Body
    • Custom Cold Air Intake
      • Injen Hydroshield
    • Custom Exhaust Manifold based on Toda 4-2-1 design
    • Test pipe / decat
    • OEM Exhaust
    • Honda Helical LSD (FN2)
    • Honda Accord Tourer 2.0 4.764 Final Drive from GYL3 (CM1)
    • Stock CM2 Gears 1-6
    • Competition Clutch ST Stage 2 - 8090-ST-2100
    • Competition Clutch flywheel.- 7.1kg
    • 4.3 Final drive
    • Short Shifter
    • BC Racing BR-Series Type-Rs Coilovers (10/8KG)
      • DIY coilover covers for the winter season
    • OEM Suspension bushings
    • Custom camber kit at the rear
    • Front Twin-Piston callipers - Accord 8gen Type-S (CU2)
      • Zimmerman Sport drilled 320mm/32mm
      • Galfer Sport FDT1055
    • Rear Stock callipers
      • Zimmerman Sport
      • Hawks Performance
    • HEL Performance Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
    • ATE SL6 Brake Fluid
    • Summer - 18" ASA TEC AS2 DG (8j, ET45)
      • Custom colour - black chrome
      • custom caps
      • Falken Azenis FK510 (225/40 92Y XL)
    • Winter - 17" Honda Accord Type-S (7j, ET55)
      • Dunlop Winter Sport 5 (225/45 94V XL)
    • Type-S Facelift Package
    • Front bumper rubber lip
    • Red Honda badges
    • 80%/20% Window Tint
    • DRL (led switchback) kit + DRL module
    • Custom Pedals pads
    • Sounddeaded doors & trunk
    • Audio
      • Front Helix B62C
      • Rear Helix B6X
      • Trunk Subwoofer + amplifier Blaupunkt EMA255
      • Custom dash with Android Auto based on Open Auto Pro
    Engine Bay:
    • Red top strut bar by Staffa
    • Red Valve Cover
    • Speedo Healer v4 by Healtech
    • Defi Advance ZD gauge
    • TSX ECU, Hondata Flash Pro
    • Hondata Traction Contol
    • CT Engineering / Comptech Supercharger
    • Aftercooler core, Air to Water exchange
    • DW800 injectors
    • DW65 fuel pump
    • custom header
    • 2.5'' custom exhaust

    Service History & Related Threads

    Reflash + CAI - July 2016

    Reflash + CAI + 4-2-1 header - March 2017

    RSP intake manifold, intake cam, vts 50, large TB, custom tune - April 2018

    Shorter gearbox, LSD - August 2018
  1. @FairFaX ... just so you know-we featured it. Nice photos, nice car. :Wink:
    1. FairFaX Avatar
      FairFaX, Friday 15th Feb, 2019
  2. Ooooh I like this, a tastefully modified, practical daily with LPG conversion to boost, my kinda CL9 :Smile:
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