Daily Driver Owned by ann_kelvin

  • Been as a member for a while and never put any pictures up.
  1. Nice car, white wheel looks stunning! I'm pure white wheel lover :Grin:
  2. like the badge and colour . did you change alloys
    1. ann_kelvin Avatar
      Thanks. The epsilon alloys originally came with the car but they were refurbed. During summer period it has CW Type-R alloys on.
      ann_kelvin, Monday 28th Apr, 2014
  3. Stunning, very nice looking Accord.
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  4. That is one lovely looking 7th Generation :Thumbup:
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  5. She's a stunner for sure. :Thumbup:
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  6. That's a stunning, well kept 7th Generation you've got there. :Smile:
    Thank you for sharing :Thumbup:
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