Daily Driver Owned by DrSam

  1. Seriously considering one of these as a daily, what are they like? Have you tried the Civic with the same lump?
    1. DrSam Avatar
      Hello @Matt at H-Tune, I love it. Drives amazing, comfortable seating, I remapped mine so runs better. I get 60mpg-ish if I drive like captain slow (James May) but my mpg is roughly 45 which I'm still happy with and I know my driving style lol. It's got nice torque which is what I need on Birmingham streets to pull away quick. I have drove the N22 Civic many times, the Civic seems more responsive but i feel the Accord holds the road better. I also own a N22 FR-V. Feel free to PM me if you like
      DrSam, Tuesday 12th Feb, 2019
    2. DrSam Avatar
      The Civic seems more responsive compared to a non remapped Accord but after the remap, Accord drives amazing. I didn't delete EGR etc, don't want to play with emissions.
      DrSam, Tuesday 12th Feb, 2019
  2. Starting to miss my Penta's now.
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      The paint on mine started to bubble. Needs a referb :Frown:
      DrSam, Wednesday 15th Mar, 2017
    2. MickyB Avatar
      I got ambushed by a gritter last year and it's pitted all along the front spoiler around the fog light.
      MickyB, Wednesday 15th Mar, 2017
  3. She really does look in smashing condition.
    (Sigh) Makes me miss my CN1 :Sobbing:
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      Its really been maintained by the previous owner. Just need to give it a good polish and clean the yellowing headlight myself and then fix the boot problem
      DrSam, Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
  4. Looks in lovely condition - whats the mileage?
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      Ahhhhh, welllllll.
      Only 158,000
      DrSam, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
    2. Nighthawk Avatar
      Only a baby then
      Nighthawk, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
    3. DrSam Avatar
      It runs amazing, i driven new cars but this feels soo much better. Sometimes I think people clock the millage up on these cars because a high mileage car driving nice without any knocks or bangs
      DrSam, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
  5. That looks really well looked after. Bodywork looks immaculate :Thumbup:
    1. DrSam Avatar
      It looks good in the pictures but someone has scratched and dented the passenger side wing before I went to buy. Lights are also yellow
      DrSam, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
  6. Just purchased, needed a runaround so I thought I'd get a Honda Accord :Wink:
    More pictures to follow. I need to get my FR-V back on the road
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