Accord Type-R
Previously Owned Owned by Sims77

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Fujitsubo Manifold
    Fujitsubo Cat Back Exhaust
    AEM long ram induction
  1. It may have cost you a bit but I bet she's worth it.
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    1. Sims77 Avatar
      Yes, driving a lot better now and since I've added a cat back on it sounds a lot better as well.
      Sims77, Friday 20th Mar, 2015
  2. Late facelift, always like facelift models on the ATR.
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  3. Had the ATR for around a year now and it's been really good, unfortunately its cost me a fair bit to sort all the issues out.
    New clutch, new water pump, tensioners and cam chain.

    Then recently it's just failed its MOT and its cost me £500 to get her back to roadworthy condition.

    She's running fantastic now.
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