Accord Tourer
Daily Driver Owned by bigroncoleman

  1. "don't look right" in your opinion you forgot to add! :Smile: ... I like the red calipers, as do others!
    1. nsxer Avatar
      The 'others' must be chav's then!
      Get a set of Brembo decals sure just to give them that finishing touch! :Wink:
      nsxer, Tuesday 29th Mar, 2016
  2. The the red calipers don't look right. Apart from that looks well
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    1. dinoc Avatar
      true, they are too small to be red and looks painted, not like a real calipers upgrade
      dinoc, Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016
  3. That's a smashing colour on a great car. Good to see the alloys restored. :Niceone:
  4. Very nice, she looks very well detailed and that colour really suits it.

  5. B16C in a I-DTEC that made my day that is funny has hell !! :Happy::taunt:
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  6. handsome looking car i must say.
  7. Beautiful Tourer @bigroncoleman !

    i-DTEC is it ?

    Is it de-badged at the back ?
  8. She looks fantasic - like the contrast of the calipers against the paintwork