Accord SJ Hatchback
Garaged Owned by accordheritage

  • My 1978 Accord 3 door manual 5 speed. Very honest nice car. Not perfect. Will keep this car forever. My favourite out of the fleet.

    Stuff to do with it but loads of time.
  1. Just such a lovely car , Red and black combination suits it so well, Can't be much mechanical work to do on such a low mileage? But can understand the constant body observation, I like the badge bar is this a OE accessory or something that you have added, one of those would look good on mine. :Grin:
    1. accordheritage Avatar
      California imported over rider set. I have one for the rear but not fitted that one. I have a UK Over rider bar that needs re chroming and that will go on my Saloon.
      accordheritage, Tuesday 28th Apr, 2015
  2. Last couple of drives, she's going into storage to begin a small resto. New paint and getting rid of the small rusty bits. Full mechanical refit.
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    1. accordheritage Avatar
      Engine is sweet, general oil and fluids whilst engine is out. and a good new paint job on the entire block. The brakes need a full overhaul front and rear and of course the small rusty bits under the front window and small patch on the rear arch.
      accordheritage, Tuesday 28th Apr, 2015
  3. Where do you find these cars? This looks very sporty.
    1. accordheritage Avatar
      It shifts when it needs to. I've been looking for years and years. Still haven't stopped.
      accordheritage, Thursday 8th Jan, 2015
  4. Really enjoying using the car everyday. Calm drive to work and back, using her more has only made it better. Fast car when it needs to be and excellent on fuel. Washed every weekend to keep that salt at bay. Just gone over 14000 yesterday evening.
  5. Lovely car in stunning condition.
  6. Sheer pleasure to own it and ride it :Smile: Thumbs up! :Drinks:
  7. my favorite accord love the red and black interior colour combination ,
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