Accord EX 2.0i 4wALB
Previously Owned Owned by SpeedyGee

  • After having kept my first Honda the Civic 1.3s for a couple of years, I got bored of it and fancied something a little bigger and a little newer. Also a friend of mine kept bugging me to pass it on to him. I started looking for an Accord 2.0i but my patience ran out and I ended up with a high mileage auto. I'd been looking for a couple of months but nothing was coming up in my price range. A high mileage auto turned up on AutoTrader on sale in Birmingham. I went along checked it out and it actually turned out to be a very fine example. The mileage was indeed 180,000, it had seen only motorway miles though as it was owned by a businessman who travelled a lot around the country. This was back 1996. Despite the high miles, everything was in pristine condition, the outside was spotless, no dents, scratches or rust. The inside, looked fresh, there was nothing that said it at 180K on it. The drive was even more impressive, the autobox spot on, absolutely smooth gear changes. In fact after driving it I fell in love, she drove so serenely, so quietly, so elegantly that I forgot that I had always been adamant that I would never own an auto car and went ahead and purchased her. She was now mine, a high mileage auto !

    Pictures .. once again I don't have pictures of my actual car but I have trawled the internet for cars that looked similar. My own example looked so far better than the ones I've posted with its perfect, gleaming bodywork.

    She had plenty of gadgets, cruise control, electric windows, anti lock brakes (4wALB) and seemed quite far advanced in comparison to what was available around that time.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Discs and brakes all round
    • Timing belt
    • ICE system with various bass boxes in the boot.
  1. Very nice. There is something special about Japanese cars of this era, for me, anyway! All the new gadgets as standard - headlamp wipers a great example, but things like electric sunroofs, and electric ariels.

    And am I the only person who misses the great big, soft velour seats? We've all become leather obsessed!
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    1. 4thgencivic Avatar
      yes exactly ...ahead of their time and very appealing.
      4thgencivic, Tuesday 19th Sep, 2017
  2. I certainly did enjoy her @Nels, if the Civic had got me hooked on Honda, this Accord turned me into a life long fan.
  3. Those were Japanese built quality cars. Glad you enjoyed owning her.