Accord CL1 Euro R
Weekend Toy Owned by RichCRX

  • The new car. CL1 euro R. Nothing else really needs to be said does it?

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The mods that I can work out from the dock photos are

    Tein coilovers
    Alloys - unsure of make/model, Centres appear to say ARS
    Unknown single exit exhaust. Appears to have a bung in it, so expect noise :Devil::Devil::Devil:
    Silcone hose kit
    Ally rad
    Earthing kit
    Induction kit.
    Heat wrapped manifold. Unsure on make at this moment.
    JDM Vtec inside sticker :vtec:
  1. I found out what the exhaust system is with some random searching of various brands and variants. It's a Fujitisubo Power Getter.

    This is how it'll sound as well given this car has the potentially the same manifold.

    Damn Russians taking all the CL1's too. They seem to love them out there.
  2. Some investigation and looking at many google images, I believe the Exhaust manifold to be either Mugen or Feel's and the radiator is also Feel's, (makes sense as it has a feel's cap)
    Top Fuel Zero 1000 Power Chamber induction kit.

    Still non the wiser on the exhaust system. I'm just going to have to wait that one out.

    DO I have to wait so many weeks for it to arrive.
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