Accord 2.4 Exec
Previously Owned Owned by SpeedyGee

  • After a couple of years of owning the red Accord 2.0i Ex 16v, I ended up driving company cars for next 6 years. Coming off company cars due to a job change and having a long commute, I tried a diesel car, that only lasted two months, hated the thing. I found my way into the world of LPG cars. I finally got back into a Honda after I purchased this Indigo Pearl Blue Accord in 2007.

    I set about installing the LPG system myself on this one, had the alloys, refurbed, installed a CarPC system into her and kept her for a couple of years.
    Again, like all my other Hondas I had no issues with her whatsoever and only ever had to spend money on servicing.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Refurbed alloys
    • LPG install
    • CarPC
  1. A 2.4, Indigo Blue Exec with Epsilons. The car featured on the brochures at the time.
    I'm loving it.
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  2. I really love that colour, really suits the car
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