Accord 2.0i EX 16v 4wALB
Previously Owned Owned by SpeedyGee

  • After two years of owning the green Accord 2.0i EX Auto, I'd moved on from being a uni student to having a job, so decided it was time to again change my car. It was now 1998. The green Accord had set a high standard, it still looked and drove superbly despite it's high mileage and age. I was truly hooked on Hondas. The next car naturally had to be Honda and I knew exactly what model it was going to be. It had to be the 16v version of the Accord I had. The 2.0i EX 16v 4wALB was like the sportier version of Accord. If I recall correctly they only did this sportier version in red or white paint. I opted to go for the meaner looking red colour.
    I started hunting for one, there weren't many around, I was working Manchester at the time. I saw one advertised at a very very good price, in the north of Manchester, I wasted no time at all and arranged to have an extended lunch break. I took along a good friend and work colleague with me to check this car.

    I checked the car out and once again, bodywork and interior were spotless, again it was love at first sight. However starting the engine revealed a quite a bad tapping noise but even the then young Speedy had enough mechanical know how to diagnose the fault. I put my hand on the timing cover and at idle I could feel the timing belt banging on the cover. Adding some revs would stop the banging and the tapping noise. I concluded that it was the timing belt tensioner at fault and was willing to risk driving the 30 miles home on this tensioner (madness huh!). I took it for brief and gentle test drive, which revealed squeaking front brakes but all else was good. I came back from the test drive and made a very low bid pointing out that the problems with the engine and the brakes. The chap selling the car, didn't put a fight and we agreed an absolute bargain price.

    I tip toed the car home and parked it up, I rang around a few garages later that week and booked her in for a timing belt replacement (at the time this was a job too big for Speedy). She got booked in for the Friday but I didn't get her back until the following Tuesday. Boy was I excited, with the timing belt issue fixed I could now test her out properly. By gum was I in for a surprise ! The 2.0 16v engine was so much quicker than the 8 valve and she loved being revved (don't all Honda engines huh). Now back on manual gearbox and even more power I was loving the way it drove. An absolute joy to drive !

    I tell you even until this day, I still rate my 2.0 16v CA5 highly. Hand on heart I can say that was probably my most favourite Accord to date. I even rate it higher than my current CL9.

    Oh yeah, I fixed the squeaky brakes, this was down to the anti rattle shims being missing, I found some replacements from a scrappy and was one happy bunny when this simple fix sorted out the very annoying brake squeal.

    Of course the rest of my days owning this car were hassle free, I spent nothing on it other than on servicing.

    Pictures .. once again not of my actual car :Blushing:
    Mine looked very much like one in full sideways view, it had some very nice aftermarket alloys it. Damn! So wish I had a real picture of it.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    • Timing belt fixed
    • Brake squeal fixed
    • ICE installed with a big twin 12" sub box in the boot
  1. One of Honda's hidden golden nuggets. I used to sell Hondas long ago. We had a red one on the demonstrator fleet. It had everything on it. It was always my first choice for a test whizz, and as you say, that Prelude engine really made the car.
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  2. I can fully understand you falling in love with this car.
    Makes me want to leave the dark side.
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