98 Honda Civic Vtec
Weekend Toy Owned by SS EK3

  • Honda Civic Vtec (South African spec)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Car was fully resprayed Silverstone silver
    OEM CTR EK9 front bumper and front spoiler
    OEM CTR EK9 rear apron
    EK9 Type-R style grill
    CTR style headlights
    99 Civic rear tail lights
    Carbon fibre spoon rear wing

    AOE Coilovers
    AOE anti roll bar
    Buddyclub front camber kit
    Megan racing rear tie bar
    Rota Slipstream 15x7
    Yokohama S-drives

    B20B block
    B16A6 head
    Van De Linde Developments stage 2 cams
    Buddy Club cam gears
    Apexi VAFC-II
    S4C Gearbox (4.4 final drive)

    Skunk2 gear knob
    Skunk2 short shifter
    EK9 CTR cluster
    OEM full black leather seats (SA spec)

    Service History & Related Threads

  1. Sweet looking motor, love the tyres.
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  2. Ahh, its home :Sobbing:
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  3. Great car and pics. Look @Nighthawk - it's the mountain we all know and love (well it has enough cloud on it to be THE mountain).

    @SS EK3 - where in CA you from ?
  4. Great photographs you've got there Ridar. :Niceone:
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