8th Generation Accord 2.4 manual
Daily Driver Owned by Denso23

  • Recently bought car. Searched many months for the right one. Main aim is to maintain the car to a high level using Honda parts.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda Service History, Michelin Primacy 3 tyres and Castrol Edge engine oil.

    BP ultimate fuel only to be used.
  1. not usig bp anymore due to ethanol. welcome esso supreme unleaded.

    also good bye michelin tyres and welcome yokaham tyre. its only right a jap car has jap tyre..
  2. Better picture
  3. A slightly better picture
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      I thought I'd got that wrong for a minute there. With the 8th gens, W = Tourer, 2 = K2.4Z, 3 = 2.2 N22B.
      So this one is a 2 whereas yours is a 3
      Nels, Wednesday 23rd Mar, 2016
  4. A great find there @Denso23. Please add more photographs of your CW2.
  5. Looks good and a facelift by the looks of the lights.
  6. Looks good.

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