83427's 1998 5g Accord
Daily Driver Owned by 83427

  • its so nice to wake up and realize that you (me) really have dat car you drove in dreams so many times...

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Basic list of changes on the car:
    • black leather complete interior swap
    • 2-pot brake calipers from legend + 282mm brake discs
    • added front and rear strut bars
    • lowered suspension (H&R cup kit)
    • H22A5 (P13) head swap to F20Z1 block
    • H22A7 intake manifold (including injectors and throttle body)
    • B-series timing parts

    Engine specs:
    • original bore and stroke (85x87)
    • original pistons and rods
    • 0,5mm lowered head (CR 10:1)
    • V-TEC
    • 182ps @ 7500rpm
    • maximum torque: 181Nm @ 6100rpm
    • rev limiter: 7600rpm
    • ECU P06 + Hondata S300
    • 6kg flywheel
  1. What a heck of a project ... it looks wonderful.
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  2. always liked these cars.
  3. Looking good :vtec:
  4. Hi really like the car and what you've done/doing how did you find the head swap ie how much work was involved was it in your opinion a better option then a straight h22 swap
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    2. Wilson.84 Avatar
      I thought you'd be the best one to ask as I too have a ce8 5th Generation thanks for the honest reply Think I'll stick with a straight h22 swap but I love the fact you did it not because it's easy but because it's want you wanted nice job
      Wilson.84, Friday 12th Feb, 2016
    3. 83427 Avatar
      hehe its not easy. its everything but not easy :Grin: it just look easy when youre stucked on theory :Grin: how you could see in history i originally wanted to swap F20B. but two years back i wasnt able to find any1 who import the engine for me from abroad. so the idea was to build engine similar to F20B
      83427, Saturday 13th Feb, 2016
    4. Wilson.84 Avatar
      Yes I to toyed with the dohc f20b6 but had the same problem in sourcing one I found a company that would import from Japan but it worked out cheaper to source a h22 with is the route I think I shall now take. And again fair play on the build looks amazing
      Wilson.84, Monday 15th Feb, 2016
  5. Hi, I like your wheels What is brand
    1. 83427 Avatar
      alessio polar
      83427, Sunday 8th Nov, 2015
  6. This looks awesome, makes me want to go and buy a 5th Generation, they had such a lovely sleek coupeish bodyshape.
  7. That is really nice! Don't see many of this shape Accord anymore. Can remember they did really well in the Touring Car Championship when I was a kid. :Smile:
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