7th Generation Diesel Accord
Daily Driver Owned by Mikey D

  • It's my daily driver, Sport trim, Half Leather interior, Integrated Sat Nav.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The wheels I have fitted at the moment are Dare Hiros. 19 inch staggered fitment 8.5j front 9.5j rear. I custom made the centre caps.
    Apex Lowering Springs
    Rolled Arches
    Japspeed Adjustable Camber Arms
  1. That's a nice looking diesel :Thumbup:
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  2. Love her stance and its good to finally see her.
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  3. Really pleased that you've got your CN1 on here now Mikey :Grin:
    She's sitting a lot better than my stock Accord.
    The alloys look stunning against the graphite paintwork.
    At the end of the day, if you're happy with the ride, that's what counts. :Niceone:
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  4. Nineteens on a diesel is brave. I am sure you get a lot of chatter and under steer at high speed.
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    1. Mikey D Avatar
      I can't really confirm... I'm not sure what chatter is. I don't struggle with under steer but I don't think I've ever driven it to near its limit. Pirellis are pretty grippy thus far. I suppose the real test is coming in the next few weeks. Haha.
      Mikey D, Monday 8th Dec, 2014
  5. She's sitting pretty nice mate, how are you finding the ride on the 19s?
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    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      I'll have to take you up on that at some point, I'm forever slating 19s for ride quality, but I haven't actually driven one to date rofl. James (FB Group) also has 19s on his, and swears the ride is good.
      DeviateDefiant, Monday 8th Dec, 2014
    3. Mikey D Avatar
      I don't go hunting for potholes but it's alright. Not as good as 17s no doubt, but alright.
      Mikey D, Monday 8th Dec, 2014
    4. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      It's the sacrifice you make eh.
      DeviateDefiant, Tuesday 9th Dec, 2014
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