'54 Civic Sport
Previously Owned Owned by Nighthawk

  • This is the missus/ our back up car. There was a big battle for a good few months between a Honda and a Toyota and I am glad that Honda finally won out in the end. I told myself that I would never get another black car as, whilst they look great cleaned up, they are hard to keep clean and show up every bit of dirt, so determined to not buy another black car, I got a black car :Whistle:

    Anyway, two owners, full service history, MOT certificates present, some receipts, HPI cleared etc, a mixed bag of tyres on her at the moment, Michellins on the rear and some dodgy brand on the front although they are brand new. These will all be changed to the Bridgestones I have sitting in the garage from my Accord as they were bought new, still have lots of life left in them and I know their history. I love the fact that the number plates are the original number plates from when the car was bought, still with the original Honda logo on them. Number plates are a great way of seeing if a car has been in a smash as they break for no reason whatsoever. Its even got new windscreen wipers on her on front and rear.

    She does need a bit of TLC being done to her. I probably paid slightly over the odds for her even though bargaining, but I was sort of in a rush anyway, and buying a car in a rush is never a good idea. The TLC is nothing major and I have thus far identified the following issues which I will be addressing. Cam belt was changed in 2012 by the previous owner for the price of £170, which was a mere 10,000 miles ago.

    - Sticky throttle cable (DONE)
    - Full service (DONE)
    - Tyre change to my Bridgestones from my Accord (same tyre size) (DONE)
    - Clutch system needs bleeding (DONE)
    - Replace headlight bulbs (DONE)
    - Align headlights (DONE)
    - Clean throttle body (DONE)
    - Brakes overhauled and bled (DONE)
    - Cigarette lighter works intermittently (DONE)
    - Crack in windscreen
    - Front console cubby loose (DONE)
    - Headlights are slightly oxidised (DONE)
    - Realign headlight washers (DONE)
    - Replace front and rear ARB bushes

    - Replace all four drop links
    - Replace inner and outer tie rod ends
    - Replace clutch


    Only one that I have found so far and I have tried. There is rust on the front of the bonnet which is starting to break through. Given the stone chips on the bonnet as well, I will more than likely just find a second hand bonnet and replace it. It will be the cheaper option so I am not too concerned about that. There is NO rust anywhere else that I can see except for the normal amount in the engine bay near the control arms etc.

    For an 11 year old car, she is in not bad condition at all. The below pictures are just as I have driven her 60 miles back home in the rain. She also needs a very good clean to my standards which means a good claying, buffing, waxing etc.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    TO DO:
    - Cobra 0394 parking sensors to be installed in a few months. Wifes request
    - LED interior lighting
    - Rear window tinting
    - HID headlights

    - Double din installed
    - Front dash camera installed (ongoing project)
    - Rear camera installed
  1. Congratulations @Nighthawk that's a nice Civic you've found.

    Looks in good condition. Look forward to seeing her once you've got her back to A1 condition.
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  2. She's looking pretty tidy mate, no major concerns at all by the sounds of it, just a bit of TLC needed!

    ...but c'mon, you really missed an opportunity here - you were meant to buy an EP3 and remove the Type-R badges :Innocent:
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      OI !! If anyone's getting a Nighthawk Black EP3, it's me !!
      RogerH69, Thursday 26th Mar, 2015
  3. His and Hers matching NightHawk Hondas on the drive ... cool ! :rasta:
  4. She looks like a very nice Civic, so well done indeed :Thumbup:

    I know exactly what you mean about the original number plates - little things like that can be a good indicator to how the car has been looked after, and how original it is. I also love seeing the original dealer sticker in the rear window...

    I also like the fact that (it looks to me) as though it has the original stereo in place, rather than an aftermarket replacement.

    Looking forward to seeing you bring her fully back to her best over the next few weeks and months :Smile:
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  5. Nice one :Thumbup:
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  6. Gonna go outside now and rip some plugs out and the air and pollen filter - who wants to guess their condition before I do so?
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  7. Congratulation. :Yahoo:
    People that buy black cars must be mad. To have two they must be completely bonkers.
    Oh, I've got two black cars too. :Grin: Welcome to the world of aching arms!

    She looks smashing. I have no doubt that you will whip her into shape very quickly.
    I hope Mrs. Nighthawk appreciates how lucky she is.
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  8. Rich I have brand new Genuine Honda parts for this engine, plugs air filters send me your address via PM I will get them across to you.

    Even a K&N panel air filter. :Smile:
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