4th Generation Accord H22A U2Q7
Daily Driver Owned by 93 ACCORD

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    P13 JDM H22A DOHC
    U2Q7 '00 ATR transmission with LSD
    BMW 5series Pipercross air filter with Aluminium Prelude intake pipe with custom cold air feed
    Splitfire high performance spark plugs
    Splitfire high performance HT leads
    Aftermarket exhaust manifold with downpipe 4-2-1
    High flow cat (200 cell)
    Custom cat-back exhaust
    Fields Vtec Controller
    Balancer belt delete

    Type B Blue interior swap
    White and Blue Map lights
    6500 redline tach from 4ws Accord

    Clear repeaters
    Clear bumper indicators
    DIY grill
    6000k HID kit
    White LED bumper lights bulbs
    White LED map light
    White LED licence plate lights
    95 UKDM Legend coupe front lip
    Colour matched door moldings from a 91 Accord
    Newly sprayed rear bumper
    Removed towbar
    Rolled rear arch inner lip
    99 Accord rear emblems
    Blackhoused headlights
    Red/clear rear lights
    3rd brakelight added
    Retrofit new style wipers
    various stickers


    Fusion 400 watt 12" sub
    Fusion 450 watt 2 channel amp for sub
    Fusion 200watt x2 door speakers 6.5
    Fusion 200watt x2 rear speakers 6.5
    Fusion 260 watt 2 channel amp for speakers
    Hornet keyless entry and Cat 1 alarm
    White bumper lights manually operated via seperate switch


    Bilstein coilovers F485lb R305lb F50mm R40mm
    Front and Rear Strut braces
    Energy Suspension Front roll-bar end links
    New Honda rear lower shock mount bushes
    17" ACE Alloys +40
    Wrapped in 215/45/17 Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2s
    225/45/17 Yokohama A048 semi slicks for the track
    Acura CL Hubs
    93 Prelude front calipers with 93 Prelude caliper brackets
    Black Diamond slotted 96 Prelude 282mm front discs
    Ferodo DS2500 front pads
    Yellow stuff rear pads
    Castrol SRF Brake fluid
    Blueprint ball joints and steering arms
  1. Wow Nice one. it ia absolutely a great car. I have 6 of them. I loved them more and more....it was one of the best Accord ever.
  2. Fantastic looking 4th Generation Accord! I hope that you still own it
  3. nice clean 4g :Wink: H22 swap can make it perfect :Grin:
  4. Just seen this, opps!

    Thanks Zoran!
  5. I just love this car Marcus
    First time i saw this car at HH i fell in love with it.Wish i had space and money,i would buy 4th Generation and make it like yours.
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