Daily Driver Owned by ArcticFire

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    Thought I would summarise stuff done to date over the last month for record keeping.

    Work Done
    • Engine oil and filter replaced
    • Manual Transmission Fluid replaced
    • Air & Pollen Filter Replaced
    • Fuel filter replaced
    • Brake Fluid replaced and brakes bled
    • Clutch Fluid replaced
    • Rear Diff fluid replaced
    • Sticking Hydraulic Lifter(s) fixed
    • Fuel system treated
    • Wheels Balanced
    • 4 Wheel Alignment done
    • Front n/s parking sensor replaced
    • 4 new Dunlop tyres
    • New Clutch Master Cylinder
    • New Clutch Pedal Box
    • New Gear Stick unit
    • Leather Gear Gaiter replaced
    • Rear Boot Shut position adjusted
    • PCCARD sourced
    • EGR Valve cleaning
    • Front Dash Cam installed
    • Driver's window no longer sticks
    • Clutch Replaced
    • Dual Mass Flywheel Replaced
    • Air Conditioning Pump Clutch/Bearing Replaced
    • Rear Drop Links Replaced
    • Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushes replaced

    Repairs/Maintenance Still To Be Done:
    • Problem with the turbocharger or vacuum/boost release system. Still unresolved by Honda and me. (turbocharger needed a full service, repair and recondition)
    • Air Conditioning system not blowing cold despite two recharges being done. Compressor kicks in, no leaks. Back to Honda it seems. (was the relay)
    • Drivers door window closes very slowly and again it sometimes returns to the open position when trying to close. (never managed to fix this)
    Projects Still To Do:
    • Install Rear Dash Cam
    • Possibly change the front HID headlights to a cooler bulb colour temperature
  1. Hi ArtifFire, I've just been told by main dealer that I need to have the rear drop links changed - was it an easy job when you did yours? Geth
  2. New image added. Does anyone know where the Images Gallery Tab is? When you go in to edit the original item it says this: "Note: These images are located in the image gallery tab of your Item." but I can't find the tab?
    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      I was looking for that myself last night, couldn't find it. Ended up just removing and readding the pictures again
      Nighthawk, Wednesday 1st Oct, 2014
    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Apologies, I removed the dedicated gallery tab and added them as thumbnails on the first tab instead. I've just updated that description to reflect the change.
      DeviateDefiant, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014
  3. I'm really digging the colour too, would look great with some tints on.
  4. I really like that colour - she looks in lovely condition.