2005 StepWGN
Daily Driver Owned by jd1959

  • Right/Left Power sliding doors, HDD InterNavi, Flooring Floor, Bullcon OBDâ…ˇ vehicle speed door lock system, FreeTVing, DVB-T tuner, HDD Media player,
  1. Good afternoon from Botswana. I have a 2006 StepWgn (RG1) and I am trying to source parts locally. As such I'm trying to find the OEM part numbers by tracing the VIN... any idea where to find the full VIN? The 'frame number' I found under the wiper blade covers is only 11 digits.
    Thanks in advance.
    1. jd1959 Avatar
      The Japanese Vin is only 10 characters long you should have a plate above the radiator RG1XXXXXXX a good place to find oem part numbers is http://jp-carparts.com.
      jd1959, Thursday 21st Jun, 2018
    2. ByronFoster Avatar
      Thanks for the quick response!
      ByronFoster, Saturday 23rd Jun, 2018
  2. I love it. The wooden floor, no transmission tunnel and the folding seats are pretty awesome. even the mats!!
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  3. Looking forward to see the RG1:Hey:Nice choice BTW.