2005 Satin Silver EP3
Daily Driver Owned by cs_coupe

  • So I buy and sell cars as a hobby/source of extra money. I usually have myself something interesting but I haven’t had the opportunity to buy anything interesting at the right price for a long time untill Last Friday when I spotted this little guy at my local auction house. I thought the car would be worth £2500ish to the right person but I have bought the car for myself and so wasn’t too worried about what I paid for it and was happy when the hammer was dropped a little less than the limit I had set myself. All up it came to £1686 ‘out the door’. I pay for the car and head over to collect my prize. The guy at the key office commented that a few of the guys that worked here had said how ‘mint’ the car was for the miles, which are up at 130k now. I was worried as the management light had been blanked out and I’d taken a punt that it was probably a lambda sensor as there was a decat on it as well as the more than slightly rediculous ‘JDM’ exhaust. Thankfully the highly anticipated first drive went well. As far as I can tell the car needs nothing. The only thing I had noticed was a slight hesitation at vtec crossover. A quick service cured that. These do like good oil and the oil that came out of this was... well, not.

    After the service came;
    Hondata Airbox mod.
    Full clean inside and out inc wet vac seats and door cards.
    Brake calipers painted
    De badged rear
    Under sealed arches
    Replaced the sidelights with working ones.
    Headlights restored
    Front bumper adjusted
    clay bared

    Overall I’m very pleased with the car. The body is clean as is the interior and it’s mechanically very good now after a service. There are a couple of dents I’d like out it and the wheels need a refurb so that’s £200 that’ll most likely get thrown at this in due course and whilst the exhaust is overly loud and looks a little garish, it reminds me of my old hondas from when I was younger (b16 EJ6 Jordan and a UK DC2) all of which had stupidly loud exhausts. It sits on some kind of tyres I’ve never heard of but my cousin just fitted to his st200. He reckons they are ok but I’ve not really pushed on them enough to find out just yet.

    That’s all for now. Next update soon. I am lurking on eBay atm which ever ends well.



    Modifications & Optional Extras

    2.5 inch stainless steel cat back
    De cat
    Modified airbox (new air filter)
    K Tuned battery tie
    Heko wind deflectors
    Tinted windows
    JVC KDR9618T stereo with aux input

    Service History & Related Threads

    Serviced 27/11/17 with comma 5w30 fully synthetic, new oil and air filter too.
  1. Nice and very clean and tidy, I'll look forwarded to reading your project log :Thumbup:
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