2005 EP3 Premier Edition
Previously Owned Owned by IV-TEC

  1. Wee cracker !!!
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  2. Yeah it looked great when it was clean, which was usually only a few hours! lol Thats always been the problem with black cars which is why I said my next car won't be black. The metallic grey of the FK2 is much more dirt friendly haha.
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    2. andy83 Avatar
      you ever tried there extra gloss protection...
      andy83, Sunday 26th Feb, 2017
    3. IV-TEC Avatar
      I actually got some for christmas but not had a chance to try it yet. I'll probably have a go when the weather is a bit better.
      IV-TEC, Sunday 26th Feb, 2017
    4. andy83 Avatar
      it works good mate use it on my stream...
      andy83, Sunday 26th Feb, 2017
  3. @IV-TEC nice EP3 mate and nice shine...
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