2004 Honda Civic Type-S
Previously Owned Owned by RogerH69

  • This page is for my 2004 Honda Civic Type-S

    Getting car tomorrow, to be used as my daily driver (minimal mileage, but keen to get it on the open road and do some road trips :Grin:)

    Car itself looks almost brand new, so hats off to previous owner(s) for taking care of her.

    As far as I know, it's stock standard at the moment.

    I dunno why the exhaust seems so loud, as to me it looks like a standard exhaust, but it's a sweet sound, so I don't mind for now.

    I did a history check on her and see she's had 3 previous owners. I'm very surprised that all 3 of them took such good care of her (very rare when you have more than one or 2 previous owners).

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Modifications -
    Generic Front Armrest, with a Civic compatible base
    Armster armrest
    Pioneer AVH-X8700BT with Pioneer AVIC-F260 Navigation add-on
    Skunk2 Racing Black 5 Speed Gear Knob
    Leather gear gaiter with Type-S logo

    4th Generation Prelude gear knob, with replacement OEM EV1 leather gear gaitor
    Windows tinted
    EP3 Wheels Refurbished and Powder Coated (Anthracite colour)
    Pirelli 225/45/17 tyres
    Carbon Fibre Wrapped Center Console and lower center console
    Type-S Logo sticker applied to 3rd Brake Light
    Replaced windscreen washer jets with 'mist' jets.

    Sub install in boot
    Sound deadening - Front doors
    Sound deadening - Rear doors
    Sound deadening - Boot
    Front and Rear Door Car Speaker Upgrades

    EP3 exhaust back box
    M2 EP3 Rear Back Box Exhaust, with bumper cutout to fit

    Accessories -
    Spy Tec K1S Dual 'Remote' Dash Cam - front and rear window
    Autoleads PC99-X60 Honda CR-V Steering Wheel Stalk adaptor (to allow steering wheel controls to work with stereo)
    Reverse Camera Number Plate Holder

    Stuff that 'needs' doing -
    Complete rubdown and polish to remove swirls
    Rust treatment around rear number plate - done
    Sound deadening - boot - done

    Service History & Related Threads

  1. I love the way you've documented everything you've done to her Roger. Thank you. :salute:
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      RogerH69, Saturday 28th Nov, 2015
  2. Got to say you got yourself a peachy Type-S there Roger.
    Well deserved though as you obviously take incredibly good care of her, some very smart additions to the standard kit too. Very inspiring throughout.
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Thanks James
      RogerH69, Wednesday 18th Nov, 2015
  3. did you spray your wheels?
    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      I them refurbished and powder coated. See here - http://hondakarma.com/threads/2004-honda-Civic-type-s-latest-boot-sound-deadening-and-back-to-ep3-back-box.12723/live?page=29#post-133437
      RogerH69, Sunday 27th Sep, 2015
  4. Looks good!! I was saw you had some honda sogn plates earlier, do you have a link too the site where you bought them? :Smile:
    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      I bought them on eBay (I assume you are referring to these - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271551149474?clk_rvr_id=864910095602&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true)
      RogerH69, Saturday 11th Jul, 2015
  5. Just checking the pictures of how she was when you bought her to how she is now. I think some of these pictures need updating
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Once again, you are very correct :Smile:

      I was actually thinking of this the other day and trying to come up with a nice location to do a 'photoshoot' with her.

      As I'm doing her wheels, the sub, and should have the tailgate trim painted by the end of next week, I'll look into updating all the pictures then, inside and out.
      RogerH69, Thursday 28th May, 2015
  6. Looks like a very well looked after Civic.
  7. Hi and welcome!

    Just purchased my dad'Type-S-S recently so nice to see another owner on here.
    Just curious as to why you want to de badge the front grill?
    The 2.0 badge was broken on mine so I bought a new part ... I think it goes against the norm as there is not too many of these cars around (certainly here) and therefore is not as common as the unbadged or Type-R ones almost everywhere.

    Not sure I would plasti-dip rims ... If you want to change colour do it right and get a local refurb place to spray em for you. Look better in the long term.

    If you are going to change head unit you need to look at rest of system ... The OEM speakers in this car are a disgrace ... Pure tat and the doors are quite light and require considerable sound proofing to get the acoustics sorted. No sense putting in a good unit and not sorting the rest. Check out my thread in the project log section and see what I did.

    Been toying with tinting the rears myself as handy for when my baby daughter is ever in the car ... They work superb in the CR-V so was thinking about this also and not having to use those stick on blinds

    Be interested in following your progress with the car ... I will update mine as I go along

    Best of luck with the new motor
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Thanks for the info. I just thought the badgeless grill looks nice. However, having the Honda logo and the 2.0 on there is quite sweet to be honest. I'll deffo be doing the speakers as well. I just added some modifications to my car's profile. Speakers will have to wait :Smile:
      RogerH69, Thursday 4th Sep, 2014