2004 Civic Type-S "EV Roller"
Daily Driver Owned by BB Baboonface

  • Standard EV1 Type-S. Non VSA model.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    . Acura RSX (US spec DC5) Wiper switch upgrade
    . ZCW R5 wheels (17x7.5 ET35)
    Hankook Ventus V12 EVO tyres (225 45 R17)
    . Winter setup: OEM Honda Compass 8 spoke wheels (16x6.5J ET45)
    Nokian WR D3 tyres (205 55 R16)
    . Meister R coilovers (for EP3)
    . DME adjustable rear camber arms
    . HardRace Roll centre adjusters
    . Meyle HD front drop links
    . Meyle HD rear drop links
    . EBC Greenstuff front brake pads
    . Powerflex front engine mount insert
    . Powerflow custom 2" stainless midpipe
    . JDM EP3 22 mm rear anti roll bar
    . OEM replacement front lower control arms, fitted with Superpro caster increase polybushings
    . K system Pro brass steering rack slider
    . Area Motorsport adjustable tie rods
    . DVRace/Todd's Caster plates
  1. Your Civic is Stunning. Had a look at your project log, some good Mods. I like it. Looking forward meeting you at Japfet Donnington 2017
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    1. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Thank you your kind words and for taking the time to look through my ramblings lol! Looking forward to meeting you too. The car needs some serious tlc at the mo, winter beater status is all too real!
      BB Baboonface, Wednesday 15th Feb, 2017
  2. Cracking little car mate :Smile:
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    1. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Cheers bud, got to crank up the spice weasel for mods next year, 2016 has been a bit pants!
      BB Baboonface, Monday 10th Oct, 2016
  3. Very nice, I especially like the wheels. :Smile:
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    1. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Much appreciated, thank you :Smile:
      BB Baboonface, Saturday 7th May, 2016
  4. Fantastic Type-S you have got and some really clever mods. Keep us posted!
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    2. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Thank you buddy, much appreciated :Smile:
      BB Baboonface, Sunday 22nd Nov, 2015
  5. Welcome @BB Baboonface . I didn't expect you to get onto HK so quick :Smile: Glad to see another great example of a 7th Generation Civic, and an EV1 to boot :Smile:

    Seeing the stance on your girl, I'm gonna have to drop mine now... So much for me saving some money to move house :Smile:

    How are the Greenstuff brake pads on your car? I have the yellowstuff pads on my car from when I went on the track, and so far they're good on normal roads too.
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    1. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Many thanks Roger, very grateful you suggested joining :Smile:

      Have to have chat about options for lowering at some point. Got EP3 coilies on mine which fit fine, but the 15mm factory ride height difference allows less adjustment if you don't want to be scraping along the deck!

      As for pads, the Greenstuff seem very effective so far. No need to warm them up, but the onset of winter will be the acid test.
      BB Baboonface, Tuesday 17th Nov, 2015
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    2. BB Baboonface Avatar
      Hehe! Thanks bud! More in the pipeline...
      BB Baboonface, Tuesday 17th Nov, 2015
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