2003 Honda Stream 2.0 SE Sport
Daily Driver Owned by accordheritage

  • This car is so practical. Big, light, very quick.

    Excellent family car for two boys, wife, myself and tonnes of luggage.

    Underrated and stonking Honda.
  1. I don't see many Streams around here - shame, another market segment left by Honda in the UK. Nice to see one on HondaKarma :Thumbup:

    I'd definitely take a Honda over a Renault Scenic or a Ford Galaxy :Smile:
  2. Gawd this thing shifts, and revs hard.
  3. Can't get two kids and a buggy with shopping in an EP3 or DC5. Win. :jumpy:
  4. Quite the opposite the stream didn't have a sporty chassis well how can you in a bus.. ( no pun indented to Chris) and that why the DC5 and EP3 were not classed as good handling machine like DC2 and EK9.
  5. It's a very good car. Dirt cheap family lugger. After a full Holdcroft spares list I'll get some miles under it and get those revs up. Cracking K20 under that bonnet.
  6. The family bus. :Grin: The EP3 & DC5 chassis is based on the stream :crazyeyes:
    1. exec Avatar
      Which is probably why this was lauded as very good sport drive! I though the Stream was based on Civic? The Stream was like the first sporty MPV, way ahead of its time before the likes of Grandis and S-Max came on the scene.

      Looks great too, anyone whose played Grand Theft Auto, there is a car that looks like the Stream.
      exec, Monday 2nd Feb, 2015
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