2003 Honda Civic Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by gbb14

  • My daily driver Honda, bought it 2 weeks ago in late January 2018 for 1 grand. 3rd owner.
    Great car. I am truly amazed because my previous car was a 2003 Hyundai Accent 1.3 :Smile: it was reliable enough, but nothing close to this Honda.
    I am falling deeper and deeper in love with her each day :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    For the moment no modifications or extras. Now I'm replacing every bit that needs to be replaced.
    Looking forward to installing a Cold Air Intake. <= I won't do this, understanding

    Service History & Related Threads

    The last owner didn't care about it so much so I am now buying parts for it.
    Spent almost 400£ on a lot of parts during 2 weeks :Smile: :

    - Taillight Left (had do replace it because it was damaged :Frown: ) = DONE
    - Shifter (as it was custom china Sh*t and wrapped in duct tape...wth) = DONE
    - 2 x Front Lower Arms (LEFT and RIGHT) (Ebay) = DONE
    - 2 x Anti-Roll Drop Links (LEFT and RIGHT) (FEBI Bilstein) = DONE
    - 2 x Anti-Roll Bushes (LEFT and RIGHT) (FEBI Bilstein) = DONE
    - 2 x Ball Joints (LEFT and RIGHT) (Ruville) = DONE
    - Brake Pads Front (Brembo) = DONE
    - 2 new front tyres (Goodyear 185/65/R15 91V) = DONE
    - 4 x NGK Spark Plugs = DONE
    - 5W-30 SHELL Oil 5liters
    - MANN Oil Filter
    - MANN Air Filter = DONE
    - (don't remember what brand) Cabin Filter = DONE
    - DAYCO accessory belt
    - 1 litre Antifreeze coolant = DONE
    - Detailing kits : waxing, polishing, headlight restorer, anti-fog, anti-rain, olive oil for the interior leather :Smile: ... don't judge :Smile: = DONE
  1. Can this thread be moved to gen7 please ? Cheers !
    1. Nels Avatar
      Nels, Tuesday 13th Mar, 2018
  2. Thais a true compliment right there :Smile: Thanks !
    I bought all the parts listed above, and starting Monday, I will replace them all :Grin:
    I'll keep you up to date :Smile:

    What do you recommend in terms of body detailing ?
    option 1 : going to a detailing / valeting service
    Option 2 : buying a polishing machine + polish paste
    Option 3 : help me guys ! :Grin:
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  3. Ha, ha. You've got the Honda bug. It gets right into your soul and there's no cure!
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