2003 CR-V 2.0 Petrol
Daily Driver Owned by ourmark

  1. Engine oil and filter done.

    Rear diff has fresh DPF in it which has cured the judder on full lock.

    Rear brakes have had disks, pads, back plates and that has required 2 new bearings and a ABS sensor also. Ouch!
  2. Bled the clutch hydraulics and got all the grey fluid out. Goodness knows how long it had been in there, but since access required removal of the airbox, 2 air feed pipes, front plastic trim panel and battery clamp, I can understand why it might have been overlooked at service time.

    The new air filter is a Pipercross PX1738 which I chose over the K&N due to it being over £10 cheaper. I also replaced the cabin filter.
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  3. Not a good start to my first week with the car... came out of work on Monday to a flat battery.

    I got a jump start from a friend at work and then realised that I'd left the side lights on all day. D'oh! No buzzer to warn me which led me to look at the driver's door switch. It had just popped off the clips at the back so 5 mins with a screwdriver had that fixed.

    No problems for the rest of the week, but the car seems a little thirsty and there's a slight delay before it slows down when I take my foot off the accelerator. Lubricated the throttle cable and will see how it goes. May need to pull out the throttle body / IACV for a clean if no better.

    Found 3 earth bolts in the engine bay and replaced those with stainless as a preventative measure. Replaced the gearbox oil and had a look around.

    I'm not looking forward to bleeding the brakes, as there are no caps on the bleed nipples. The last time I had to do similar, I had to drill the impacted dirt out of the nipples before they would bleed! I'd like to bleed the clutch too and it looks like the air box will have to come out for that.

    More work to do as time allows and when I have the various bits...
  4. Sounds like you've got things in hand.
    Please add more photographs when you can.
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  5. That looks a good CR-V. I think you'd struggle to find a better example.
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  6. For the interior lights, hopefully it's just bulbs! Headlight washers you can grab from Fleabay easily enough, they're not as cheap as you'd expect from a dealership. Best of luck with the new girl.
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      Thanks DD. Centre light was just a blown bulb. Rear has no voltage to the bulb even when manually switched on and there is tape wrapped around the door switch contact, as if someone was trying to fix a problem of light not going out when the rear door closes. Perhaps they disconnected the light totally if the tape didn't do the job, although removing the bulb would have been an easier way to do that.

      Headlight washers. Yikes I see what you mean. Gonna wait for a reasonably priced one.
      ourmark, Sunday 1st Feb, 2015
  7. looks like you have picked up a tidy example.
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  8. My last car's gearbox went bang so this was an emergency purchase. I didn't check book prices, haggle or test-drive it. Just paid the dealer and drove it away. Happily, when I got home, I looked at every other similar car on Autotrader and didn't see anything better up to and including the price I paid for mine.

    Issues to sort are: offside headlamp washer broken off (blanked off with a screw to stop it showering passers-by), interior lights not working as they should, missing aerial. Planned additions are: full set of carpet mats, replace stereo with my deckless mp3 unit.

    My first service will cover oil and filter change, gear and diff oil changes, air filter change (K&N), cabin filter change and replace brake fluid.
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