2002 Accord
Daily Driver Owned by AndyB1976

  • Entering its 10th year of my ownership, relatively bulletproof over the decade.

    Thought I'd take a few phone pics whilst out n about last week....not a bad looker for its age. Totally standard as I bought it.
  1. It looks great Andy. It's been well looked after. :Niceone:

    Where were the photos taken by the way?
    1. AndyB1976 Avatar
      These shots where taken at Loch Drunkie, in an area called The Trossachs - 35miles north of Glasgow.
      AndyB1976, Wednesday 30th Jul, 2014
  2. Thought it was the Trossachs. Was going to hazard a guess at Loch Katrine but knew that wasn't quite right. Lovely part of the world.

    Was there almost exactly 2 years ago.

    Was going to share a picture looking down Loch Katrine, taken from my CU1, at Stronachlachar but can't seem to insert images here unless they're from URL :Unknown:
  3. Yeah its a stunning location. Have been at Stronachlachar twice this year on the mountain bike, one 26mile pier to pier and a 41miles loop - got soaked through on both occasions. Guess all that water has to come from somewhere lol.
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  4. Stunning scenery for a smashing car.
  5. First time I'm seeing some proper pictures of your car, looks fantastic, especially with all the Sport kit. Lovely scenery too.
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  6. btw did you debage yours? or was it like that from the factory? Looks so much cleaner without the badges, might need to debadge mine!
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  7. It was that way when I bought it (3yrs old), window tints too.
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  8. Great shot Andy, HDR? You should post more pics of your motor as she looks super. :Hey:
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    1. AndyB1976 Avatar
      Cheers exec...not HDR although it looks very much like it. Was going through my pics in LIghtroom and began adjusting sliders, somehow that came out and I liked the effect (obviously a duller red in real life!)
      AndyB1976, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
    2. exec Avatar
      Looks candy red there, I like the effect!

      Also noticed a typo in my comment "shit" is meant to be "shot"!
      exec, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
    3. AndyB1976 Avatar
      lol...no worries, great shit is also high praise as well lol
      AndyB1976, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
  9. That looks a beautiful place. And the car makes it even better.
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    1. AndyB1976 Avatar
      Cheers MickyB.....It is actually within a forest drive (Three Lochs Forest Drive), can be a bit rough and dusty but a nice location nevertheless.

      AndyB1976, Tuesday 2nd Feb, 2016
  10. Fantastic looking 6th Generation Andy! beautiful photography too.. makes me want to paint my Jazz red and escape to some forest!
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