2001 ZE1 Honda Insight hybrid UK
Previously Owned Owned by billyausten

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    S2000 leather steering wheel. DC2 gear knob. MIMA Plug and Play manual IMA override kit, allows over 100mpg.
  1. Does anyone want one of these first generation? Or have a used battery I can have for it?
  2. They were indeed. Interesting car to own actually, it felt very factory and polished for a low volume production car, but also very prototype at the same time. The attention to detail is amazing, even more so under the skin when you start opening it up. It is the car that I'd say required the most skill to get the best from. It is a real performance car, with the performance being economy rather than outright speed. The 102 mpg picture was a run from Derby to Reading , at normal motorway speeds. Nothing can get near this sort of economy still whilst being genuinely usable. Lack of practicality sealed its fate for me.
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  3. Love these. Honda were so far ahead of the curve with this.
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