2000 Citrus Honda Insight
Daily Driver Owned by KaityVoivre

  • This is my 2000 Honda Insight, it has about 193k miles on it. Not much to say, but ask if you're curious or just view and enjoy the pictures.
  1. I'd love to get one of these aluminium-bodied beauties.
  2. Beautiful - I'd love one of these in this colour. Would buy one if I won the lottery!
  3. Really lovely. I had the pleasure of one of these some years back and they are a great fun car - surprise a few with how they can hussle along, keeping up with some of the hot-ish hatches yet returning 60+ mpg while doing it. On a long run, most I got was over 100mpg. My lifetime average was 78mpg IIRC. Great cars and yours looks very tidy.

    I thought they were all CVT in the states though, nice to see you could get 'stick'.
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    1. Garrydhu Avatar
      First time seeing it generation insight,really space age like,,,,,,cracker
      Garrydhu, Saturday 8th Aug, 2015
  4. Thank you for sharing these pictures, just outstanding to see the first gen IMA still going strong. A future classic car for sure.
  5. A lovely Insight. It looks brand new condition.
  6. Looking great ! That's one well loved Insight :Thumbup:
  7. Adore the dashboard & clocks plus all that space in the rear love it, enjoy & take care
  8. Lovely Insight Kaity. 14 years old and looking super.
  9. Very nice, a pioneering car and in a colour that really suits it.

    How long have you owned it and have you had any issues - that's a big mileage that it's done...:Thumbup:
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