2.4 Beast
Daily Driver Owned by 2.4 8thGen

  • Honda Accord 2.4 8th Generation manual.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    All mods are OEM brought and fitted from Holdcroft Honda.
    These include rear spoiler/ Front Skirt/ Side Skirts/ Sports pedals/ illuminated Accord Door kick plates/Sports Grill/ Aspec Suspension.

    After Market Mods
    HPS Intake/Mishimoto oil catch can with blue silicon hoses
    HPS upper and lower coolant hoses in matching blue
    Skunt 2 gear Knob
    Ingals rear adjustable toe in arms and adjustable ball joints

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda Service History with Holdcroft Honda
  1. Just added a couple of photos of my newly refurbished alloys.
    There slightly darker almost like a gun metal grey.
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    1. Nels Avatar
      Sigmas are the alloys I'd love to have on mine too, but I can't find any TPMS ones. Yours are looking fabulous and look great on your CU2.
      Nels, Saturday 29th Oct, 2016
  2. Just an update on the newly position of oil catch can.
    Now it's inline with the PCV valve Iv catched a tablespoon of black oil crude.
    So since moving it 1500 miles ago it does work on our normally aspirated engines
  3. that modulo grill is just too hot!!!!
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  4. Amazing
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    1. 2.4 8thGen Avatar
      Cheers fella
      2.4 8thGen, Wednesday 13th Jul, 2016
  5. Just done a change on the oil catch can.
    Iv placed it in line with the PCV valve now rather than from the breather from top if engine.
    Will see if I get more blow by now :Grin:
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  6. Great looking Accord :Thumbup: How does it go with that intake compared to the stock one?
    1. 2.4 8thGen Avatar
      Very good indeed and the sound in Vtec is mind blowing
      2.4 8thGen, Monday 13th Jun, 2016
  7. Ahh I see you been to WIM at Tony's it been 8-9 years since we all last meet there.
    1. 2.4 8thGen Avatar
      No bud that was a wile back for a great alignment meet.
      BTW would be a good place for another but I'm sure Tony works from home now last I heard.
      New photos was another engine detail last 3.
      Spent 3 hours on getting the bay nice after winter.
      2.4 8thGen, Wednesday 27th Apr, 2016
  8. Latest engine detail in my garage
    Hope you enjoy :Grin:
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  9. Definitely something for the penniless younguns like myself to aspire to. In a word: Awesome.
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  10. Very nice indeed and you say the illuminated door kick plates are OEM and from HH? I want some myself man they look well smart :Smile:
    1. 2.4 8thGen Avatar
      Cheers bud but there no cheap at around £350 mark from HH.
      The rear ones in the kit are not illuminated though
      2.4 8thGen, Wednesday 4th Nov, 2015
    2. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      Ooof do look the tits tho :Smile:
      K24 CL9 GUY, Wednesday 4th Nov, 2015
    3. 2.4 8thGen Avatar
      Yep there good also Iv got blue led door car lights to match
      2.4 8thGen, Wednesday 4th Nov, 2015
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