1st Jap car
Daily Driver Owned by kerrly

  • Bought as standard to be a daily driver which will eventually gain a few modifications and get some track use.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    OE extras: Leather interior, fog lights & air con.
    Current Mods: Hondata air box, HD drop links, Eibach Pro springs & bolts, Alignment
  1. Hopefully these pictures work
    First, cat back stainless exhaust with N1 style back box + a bumper wrap

    Mitsubishi Evo 8 alloys - 8j rubbed a bit with 225/45

    Then Evo 5 RS alloys - 7.5J with 225/45 = barely any scrubbing

    Then a Mugen front
  2. Here is a link to a few more pictures of some of the changes/upgrades i've done and a lil peak of one of my other projects - the GTI - yes i have a thing for red hot hatches!

    I fitted some EVO 8 alloys with 225/45 AD08Rs for test fit purposes to decide if they will pose a problem as i really don't want to get the arches rolled/messed about with. Sadly they did rub a little on the rears during enthusiastic driving so I decided 8J wide rims aren't the best idea.

    As a result I then found some "relatively" rare EVO 5 RS alloys, branded as O-Z F1s an made by Enkei - these are 17x7.5 and cruicallyt rather than the non OEM O-Z alloys which are all multi stud fit these are 5x114.3 ONLY which makes the centres so much neater. I'l run them as they are this summer an refurb them over the winter & swap the AD08Rs on whilst Im at it.

    Also added a new cat back exhaust as the back box was falling apart on my old one, 2.5 inch system with a silencer and a single N1 style back box . its about the right noise level for me, louder at full throttle but relatively tame under 3000rpm

    I'm picking up a new bumper tomorrow since it is the one area where the paint on my existing one really lets the whole car down. It's been badly rattle canned an the clear coat is non existent. The new one is not only better paint but includes a Mugen splitter - pics to follow.

    I've also got some roll centre adjusters and a replacement steering rack which will be receiving an upgraded rack slider an service before it all goes in.

    The next upgrades to be fitted are a JDM rear anti roll bar, new steering wheel, Mugen rear spoiler and some more aggressive brake pads + M-660 fluid swap. Hopefully by that point I'll be content an simply drive it as it's intended & get on with my project cars and leave the daily alone...
  3. It's been a good couple of months the Civic so far, the only drawback I have come across so far is the leather makes driving in the hot weather a bit sticky even with the AC flat out.

  4. and had some spare vinyl so i thought id make a mock defuser look - its a rough job but I wanted to see what it would look like before committing to paint.
  5. Did some undersealing , my plan is all the centre of the underside will be black but the edges and the inner arches are getting painted Milano Red.
  6. There has been a bit of progress. Eibach springs are on and are absolutely fantastic - highly recommend them for reducing the amount of bodyroll and actually behave better over bumps an ruts than standard springs.
    Pic just after fitting them - im certain the car looks lower now it has some miles on it
  7. [​IMG]

    I've had this a few weeks now and have spent a substantial amount of time clay baring and decontaminating the paint ready for a more thorough detail but as it was sunny I fancied a break from cleaning & went for a blast which included a quick stop for a few pictures. .

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. Nice car, looking forward to seeing more.
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