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  • This was the other Honda in my life.
    She`s had 2 previous owners from new both Ladies.
    The original owner ordered the car with a few OEM extras.
    These being multi play CD player(it was removed when we got it).
    Sports body styling kit.
    Full navy blue leather interior.
    It`s the 1,6 4wd version (non VTec).
    My wife has added her own personal touches Yellow steering wheel cover,yellow edged car mats and a Sony multi disc player and radio cassette,and club sticker.
    Sadly the lovely motor was rear ended and unfortunately was written off by the insurance company.
    RIP my friend you served us well and didn't deserve to end your life this way.

    Service History & Related Threads

    14/03/2016:- Exhaust Manifold replaced.
  1. Wow I've never seen one with the styling kit on, very cool in two tone! Sorry to hear it was written off.
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    2. MickyB Avatar
      I had previously rebuilt the front end and there was a slight crease in one of the arms from that so I didn't want to take a chance with it and was looking for a suitable replacement when the accident happened
      MickyB, Saturday 28th Jan, 2017
    3. R@tch Avatar
      Sensible decision to let it go then, and the replacement looks fantastic too!
      [email protected], Sunday 29th Jan, 2017
    4. MickyB Avatar
      MickyB, Sunday 29th Jan, 2017
  2. Just added a couple of photographs from the accident and afterwards.
  3. The bodywork was like new, not a spot of rust anywhere.
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      And that was after a front end replacement as well.
      My wife loved it to bits as she always said it saved her life.
      MickyB, Tuesday 1st Nov, 2016
  4. Rest in peace brave HR-V...:violin:
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  5. Bad news to follow!!!
  6. Very nice! Good job on the window tint :Smile:
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      Thanks it needed a woman's touch.
      MickyB, Monday 15th Aug, 2016
  7. MOT day??? 1400hrs.
  8. Lovely car. Definitely the colour and door number to have a HR-V in. This or the orange they did. The OEM kit is rare as hens' teeth well done!
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      This was the 1st one we looked at, we then went all over North south east and West Yorkshire and farther afield looking at them only to go back and buy this. It's a good safe motor.
      MickyB, Saturday 4th Jun, 2016
  9. Wife's just had a minor bump sat in roadwork queue and her foot slipped on the accelerator went 2 feet forward into the back of a Micra.
    Nothing major not even a mark on the HR-V a couple of scratches on the Micra
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    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      That's madness !
      SpeedyGee, Wednesday 23rd Mar, 2016
    3. MickyB Avatar
      I know there was a Police car going the opposite way and he stopped to help and even he said the only damage is a light scratch that will rub out. The guy in his wisdom took it to an approved dealership and they found 1 broken securing clip and changed the whole lot. It could have been plastic welded and polished for around £50
      MickyB, Wednesday 23rd Mar, 2016
    4. MickyB Avatar
      Oh and I forgot there was previous damage on the. Imperial and rear wing he hit a concrete post but never got it fixed. Now my insurance is near to £750 for two cars.
      MickyB, Wednesday 23rd Mar, 2016
  10. Looking good :Smile: what's the colour?
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      Sunburst Yellow
      MickyB, Monday 20th Apr, 2015
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