1986 Prelude
Weekend Toy Owned by chrisgreencar

  1. I miss seeing these on the roads - blue velour seats, brutal!
  2. Superb condition from those pictures. A joy to see.
    1. mekon Avatar
      Hi Chris ,I am new to this forum, can you help me please with sourcing part for my Honda Prelude 1990 can you please reply to my email ***** Address removed by Moderator. Please follow the Club Rules. *****
      mekon, Wednesday 27th May, 2015
  3. old school rocks :Devil: lovely looking car in great nick.
  4. Thanks, yes, this is the non Si model which has the twin carburetors.
  5. Chris, drop by our Introduce Yourself section and say a few words about yourself and your cars.
  6. You own some lovely cars @chrisgreencar

    '86 model so I assume this has a carburetor ?