1986 Civic CR-X SI
Garaged Owned by Lono Brady

  • Hey guys its been a while but I'm back with another low mileage Honda. This is a 1986 Civic CR-X SI that I bought with 1900 miles on it. I bought it from the same place as my 1982 Prelude. Everything on the car is original except for the paint, which is the same color as stock. The automotive shop that rented out the old dealership painted it over a couple years back. The car was for sale on my local Craigslist about 1 year ago for 7800 US Dollars but I couldn't afford it at the time, so thats why I pursued my Prelude. Anyways everything on the car is in excellent condition. All plastics are in incredible shape and the cloth on the chairs are like new. Actually my father bought the car for me for my birthday. On the day of I walked out of my house to see the little car under our garage. The previous owner was driving the car and then the timing belt snapped so he parked the car and I'm assuming that he cut the price on the car. I removed the head and checked the pistons to see if they were fine and put everything back together. She runs just as good as she would've back in 86.
  1. Fantastic looking car, never seen those telephone dial wheels before either, look very cool and period.
  2. Just wow that is a treasure to have. love it