1982 Honda Quintet 1.6 DX Hondamatic
Weekend Toy Owned by Hirst

  • Currently under restoration - I primarily collect obscure cars and I wanted a Quintet for years, both in terms of sheer rarity and I love the feel of Hondas of that era. It is a 1.6 DX Hondamatic, facelift model.
  1. What a rare car, can't say 'm a fan of the looks even as a die hard Honda fan, so respect for restoring such an obscure car.

    I wonder if the Nissan Bluebird drew its inspiration from this car, shape looks similar.
  2. Wonderful. :morephotos:
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  3. Love to see the restoration in the project log, what are you plans a standard restore or modded.
    1. Hirst Avatar
      It'll be a standard one, I think it's probably unusual enough as it is.
      Hirst, Tuesday 2nd May, 2017