1976 Civic SB1 "Lemon Tart"
Previously Owned Owned by accordheritage

  • Car sold.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    BC racing adjustable coilovers.
    Bullet wing mirrors from a Datsun 510 to be sprayed black
    Japanese 2 piece split rims unknown brand, very rare 4 x 120 pcd.
    Future modifications include full stainless straight through exhaust system very loud
    Seat swap to racing bucket drivers seat
    Snap off steering wheel
    Carbon effect roof rubbers
    Wooden steering wheel or OMP leather deep dish/ Currently Accord 1st Generation wheel
    Push button start with fuel cut off switch under dash
    Deluxe gauges or maybe some custom 1st Generation Accord dials
    Vinyl decals and hydro dip transfer parts.
    Some big ass airhorns. (Just to let bigger cars know I'm there)
    Other tasty items that I haven't thought of yet.
    Engine swap to the 1335 with twin carbs and a higher compression head with a hot cam.
    Current engine is the original 1169 cross flow unit.

    My "Lemon Tart"
  1. Car now sold. Short lived ownership, but fun.
  2. The weekend consisted in slicing my fingers and hands to ribbons removing unnecessary sound proofing material. Dynamat is sharp stuff. Refitting new trim and generally improving the interior. Not going to fit a subwoofer as I need the car to be light, so just a modest head unit and subtle speakers. Next on the list is re-spraying the rocker cover in black and stripping the braking system, also giving the engine bay a well deserved de gunk and polish.
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  3. New old stock Accord wheel. Just fits in very well. More grippy than the Civic wheel. Just need to have the wood effect dash changed. Thinking carbon or machined aluminium effect. New thicker carpet. Stripped the boot bare. Thinking of fitting a sub woofer in the wheel well and a better hidden head unit.
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    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      It'll be a little rude boy racing Civic at this rate mate :Grin:
      DeviateDefiant, Monday 25th May, 2015
  4. I have resisted to say anything on this thread as I hate that colour "Yellow" sorry Chris it's a revolting colour for cars. Happy thou as you are enjoying it
    1. accordheritage Avatar
      I'll come down and park it outside your house!! It's bright. But it is a Civic Jordan colour not the drab yellow from the original. I like yellow and it seems right for a modified car not a standard car.
      accordheritage, Friday 1st May, 2015
  5. Finally my new brake master cylinder arrived from the States. :mosh: Brand new old stock unit, still in its bag with ticket. Getting started over the weekend and hope to get the car road legal. :BooYeah:
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  6. What a wonderful car! I'd love to do something like this to mine if it wasn't so original. Mucho jealously here!
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      Aye. But my 73 has had to go to have this beasty. Do it to yours just make sure you can put it back to standard later.
      accordheritage, Thursday 12th Feb, 2015
    2. dockertrigger Avatar
      I'd still sooner have this in the garage that you can actually use and enjoy than a project car that's just sitting there doing nothing. You made the right choice!
      dockertrigger, Thursday 19th Feb, 2015
  7. Awesome work. And a great colour too! And those wheels. Wow. Would love to take drive once....
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  8. What a striking car. You have been busy. It looks like you won't have much spare time for a while.
  9. She looks immaculate, especially the interior. Congrats Chris, sounds like you're wanting to squeeze out some power with this one.
    1. accordheritage Avatar
      Indeed, full balls out monster. Low, loud and in your face.
      accordheritage, Thursday 18th Dec, 2014
  10. It seem's to me the older Honda's get the better they are, I wish Honda could rekindle some of that classic design into there modern offerings I believe that the 7th Generation Accord was there last great shape.
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