1973 Civic SB1
Garaged Owned by accordheritage

  • The car is a project requiring a full restoration. The car was registered on the 18th June 1973 making it the oldest known UK Civic. I have known about this car since I was young. Local York car, everyone knows of it. It's mine until it doesn't want to be.

    Doesn't even have a rear heated screen or inertia reel seatbelts. Very early car possibly built in 1972

    Best bit. It was sold via a Honda motorcycle dealer. It predates all car sale databases for Civic.

    A company car for two years for Eclipse copper York, when they changed to Rovers in 1975 she was sold to their employee, he owned it for thity five years. He died and I bought her from his Granddaughter in 2011 two years after he passed. Sat in a garage untouched.. The family called the car Brown Owl.
  1. Car now going to a new home soon. Been an emotional decision but I must move her on.
  2. A real classic :Thumbup:
  3. Awesome car! Take good care of it!
  4. Sheer beauty :Smile:
  5. Huge fan of 1st Generation Civics, considering the era the car had so much character about it.