16k Miles
Daily Driver Owned by Monty89

  • Executive 4sp with heated leather seats, heated mirrors, sunroof, and AC.

    Bought by 2nd owner in 2006 at 10k and has been used for going to the supermarket now and again for the past 12 years, it was a second car which was in the end just not needed and taking up a space in the driveway. Past few years it had only done 1k until i took ownership of the car. Part dealership history and part independent history. Full MOT history and receipts for previous work. The car still had the factory tires so i had to replace all 4.

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    In my ownership @16k :

    Timing belt
    2 front calipers
    2 front discs
    Front pads
    ATF swapout to DW1
  1. some great pics mate she will shine great :Wink::gohonda::sparta:
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    1. Monty89 Avatar
      I am going to get it polished and protected and get the leather cleaned and conditioned for the summer
      Monty89, Friday 30th Mar, 2018
    2. andy83 Avatar
      the end result will be good i'm sure mate...
      andy83, Friday 30th Mar, 2018
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