07 Accord SE
Previously Owned Owned by Duc de Pommfrit

  • My 3rd Accord

    Modifications & Optional Extras

  1. Thanks @FirstHonda, I know what you mean. I always wanted a 7th generation because of the looks but things happened and I moved always from Honda to own 2 Mazda 3s, saw this one and knew I had to get it.
  2. That's a very nice 7th Generation.

    I've said it before, but I think I prefer the 7th Generation styling to the 8th Generation. Somehow it just looks more "together" especially at the rear :Smile:
  3. Been ill all week and needed some fresh air, plus a chance to take some pictures of the car.
  4. Things to do list is
    Upgrade head unit to sat nav
    Spoiler - waiting for paint
    Reverse sensors
    Xcarlink - FITTED
    Front fog lamps
    1. Irishgooner Avatar
      Hey you said u fitted the xcarlink was is easy to fit and is it worth getting I just have the single CD player unit in my Type-S just the effort to order n delivered over here
      Irishgooner, Thursday 8th May, 2014
    2. Duc de Pommfrit Avatar
      A very easy fit and worth getting, never used the CD since. They are expensive but much cheaper than a new head unit.
      Duc de Pommfrit, Friday 9th May, 2014
  5. Got a price for my alloys £100 per wheel as they need to be machined or £50 for painting?
  6. Attached picture is from the Garage, more to follow after a good clean and polish
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